In April 2016, I welcomed my little baby girl into my life and along with her…a whole bunch of new stuff. As she kept growing, so did the seemingly endless amount of baby clutter in our house. After all, we aren’t living in the Stone Age, we all need and deserve the accessories that will make our job as parents a whole lot easier, but we don’t want that stuff taking over our lives and homes.

Ketuti was established during 2016, somewhere around 2 in the morning, while trying to calm my sleepless baby and contemplating where I could find an enormous supply of bibs that would be able to accommodate her seemingly endless waterfall-like drooling needs. Being an environmentally conscious person, it suddenly came to me – there must be thousands of other parents whose babies have outgrown the drooling stage and who no longer need all those bibs that I desperately wanted to get my hands on.

I fell in love with the idea of creating an online marketplace where moms and dads could buy and sell gently loved kiddie goods, which we either seem to seriously need or that seem to just be in the way. Our little ones grow so fast that they outgrow many products long before the product is actually no longer usable. By giving goods a second chance, we are helping to preserve our environment and saving money in the process. Gotta love it ;-)

For those who are wondering, the name Ketuti was derived from the Afrikaans word Katoetie which basically means…the whole shebang. Enjoy shopping and selling the whole shebang of baby goods here on our online baby market!