How do I place an order?
Placing an order is as easy as clicking the “add to cart” button, and then proceeding to checkout. You’ll need to provide your billing and shipping information and leave any additional information for the seller in the comments box.

Remember, we’re a marketplace, not an online shop. We only provide the online sales platform, but you aren’t buying goods directly from us. All purchases are made directly from the seller. So be sure to ask the seller any questions you might have about the condition of the item. Even request more photos if you wish! Also check-out seller reviews.
PLEASE NOTE: At this stage you will only be able to buy from one seller at a time. This is to ensure that shipping is calculated correctly, as sellers are from all over South Africa.

I’m having trouble placing an order 
If you have encountered a technical problem on the website, live chat to us or pop us an email on admin@ketuti.co.za with the details of your problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

How do I track my order?
You’ll get an immediate confirmation email with your order details. Wait times vary per seller and they will let you know when your item is making its way to you.

I’d like to make a purchase, but I have a few questions first

Because Ketuti is an online marketplace and not a store, we do not warehouse any stock. We are able to assist with any technical issues you may be experiencing with the website only. All items are available for purchase directly from the seller. If you have any questions regarding an item, you can contact the seller regarding the item by hitting the ASK A QUESTION button.

I would like to return an item

As an online marketplace, Ketuti cannot accept responsibility for refunds or exchanges. Please contact the seller.

There’s a problem with my order. What do I do?

Since the seller is directly responsible for fulfilling your order, the best thing to do is to contact them directly. 


What are the fees?
Ketuti's fee structure is (15% commission on item sale price + R5 processing fee) per item/upload.

How does selling on Ketuti work?
Ketuti is an online multi-vendor marketplace.
So basically your are selling your items in your private capacity - we just create the platform for you to do it from your PC or phone, which is way more safe and convenient!
  1. SIGN-UP: Simply sign-up by opening a profile (be sure to add your banking details)
  2. ADD ITEM: Take about three (3) clear pictures of your item, and add it by clicking ADD PRODUCT, continue to complete the mandatory fields. 
  3. PRODUCT APPROVAL: Once you have added your item, we will receive a notification that your items has been submitted to Ketuti for approval, before it will display on the website. This is just a screening process, to ensure that all items on Ketuti comply to a certain standard. You will receive an email that will notify whether your item has been approved, or perhaps disapproved.
  4. ITEM APPROVED: Your item is now up for sale YAHHH!
  5. ORDER PLACED: You will receive an e-mail notifications once a buyer places an order and proceeds to check-out.
  6. PAYMENT RECEIVED: You will receive an e-mail notification prompting you to ship and fulfill your order once Ketuti has received payment for your order. So now you can package, wrap and ship your order to the buyer (shipping details will be on the email you received from Ketuti). Then log in as SELLER and go to your orders, enter the shipping tracking details and select your order as fulfilled.
  7. PAYOUT PROCEDURE: Ketuti will start processing your payout once we receive the notification that you have sent and fulfilled your order. You can expect your payout within 7 working days of ordering being fulfilled.
  8. PAYOUT AMOUNT = The sale price of your item - Ketuti fees + shipping rate allocated
Why has my product been disapproved and what should I do next?
There are various reasons for why your item could have been disapproved, perhaps the angles or quality of your photos just need some re-doing. So please contact us in such an event :-)

How should I describe my item?
Please be as detailed as possible when describing your item.
Be specific in terms of the make, model, colour and condition of the item. 
You can for instance also add how many times it's been used, any defects it might have, why you are selling it, what you loved about the item, or any freebies you will add to the purchase.