Ok, so uploading decent photos of the item you wish to sell could make or break your sale...So we have compiled some guidelines to help you take some great pics.

* Remember to add at least 3 photos per item - from different angles.


  • Make sure your item is clean before photographing it.
  • Set up your background using a plain white or grey wall or by using plain paper or material as a backdrop for smaller items.
  • If you are using a cell-phone to take your photos, make sure the image quality is set to high.
  • Avoid using filters. Use natural light to show off your item and to make sure that potential buyers don’t get a distorted picture of what you are selling. The item they receive should look exactly like the pictures you posted.


  • Use natural light. Set your item up near a window or against a white surface. Use a large lamp if natural light is not an option.
  • Early morning and late afternoon light is best to photograph in. Avoid direct mid-day light.
  • Using a flash for larger items - but don't  use it for smaller items.


  • Keep your backdrop simple and uncluttered. Plain white or grey works best. If you’re using material as your backdrop make sure that it is not wrinkled. Avoid anything that distracts the eye from your item.
  • Use a blank wall to photograph larger items. Don’t include any other items in the frame. Focus solely on the item that you are selling, set off against a plain background.

 How to get the perfect shot

  • Zone in on small items. Use the macro setting on your camera so that the item’s details are visible.
  • Make sure your photos aren’t blurred. Sharp focus is essential.

 What kind of photos to include 

  • Take more photos than you think you need, from every angle you can think of.
  • Include a variety of photos. Close-up detail, a wider angle shot of the whole item and a few of different angles will help people see what condition the item is in.