As a Seller on Ketuti you agree to the following terms of use:

  • Sellers are responsible for all statutory payments such as VAT, and Ketuti will not be held liabile for any such payments.
  • Sellers agree to only sell items of of good quality and will provide a thorough description of their items, providing details of condition of the item as well as providing at least 3 clear photos adhering to the Photography Guidelines provided.
  • It is the responsibility of each Seller to complete their profile including banking details and return policies.
  • Sellers will commit to providing excellent services to their buyers, in terms of the quality of their product, ensuring proper shipment, and fulfilling orders timeously.
  • Ketuti reserves the right to make changes to the description of a Sellers' item or storefront if sees fit to do so.
  • Selle of Ketutiers agree to adhere to the terms of use
  • Selling on

    We are an online marketplace that promotes and sells South African handcrafted work.

    What do we offer you?

    Your own fully enabled ecommerce shopfront which you manage. We are not a catalogue or enquiry listing site. Nor are we a blog which happens to sell products on the side. is built on some very clever shopping cart technology. Your customers can browse, select and purchase your product, completing the transaction all on the same website. Credit card payments are instant. Bank transfers take 48 hours to clear.

    You ship orders under your own brand

    Here you have an opportunity for superb customer service. You ship your own products so you can package the order with your own style and flare. You can add a thank you note, a pretty ribbon or just ensure it is packaged well so it arrives at the customer in one piece. After all you know your product best.

    No Setup Fee OR Monthly Hosting Fee

    No setup fee or fixed monthly fee, only commission when a sale takes place - 15% commission and 5% bank charges so 20% in total.

    No Product upload limit

    We know that the more you list, the more active a customer thinks your store-front is. Make sure they are all the best you can produce to keep up quality high.

    What we do for you:

    * Provide easy to use online shopping technology

    * Although it is easy to use, we are here to help you get to grips with the technology.

    * We market your products and brand across our Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

    * We promote your products and your brand in our newsletter and on our Blog

    * We run continuous campaigns to drive new "feet" to your MzansiStore shop

    What we require from you as a seller:

    1. Shop maintenance

    * Please keep your products up to date

    * Please add good quality, clear photos with each product listing

    * Include a full description

    * Include your shop policies i.e is there a lead time required to make the product for the customer

    * Include your returns terms and conditions i.e items can be returned if broken on delivery. A customer does have the right to return but you can state that these are on a case by case basis.


    The only way to sell your products is through marketing, marketing, marketing. The more exposure your brand and products get the greater chance of it being seen by a potential customer. So this is why we ask you to promote your Shop URL link on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else. We know your friends and family support you right so why not direct them to your Shop via your Facebook profile or Facebook page so that they can buy your products. We are happy to share with you how we do things so you too can market your business on social media.

    Processing orders

    A customer buys one (or more) of your products, and pays in full via credit card or electronic bank transfer. Only once the credit card has successfully been charged and the bank transfer actually made do you get an email to inform you of the sale. At this point the funds are in the MzansiStore's bank account so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will get your money. You can begin packaging the order or making the item if it was listed as requiring a lead time to make.

    When do I get paid out?

    We do payouts twice monthly into your bank account. Please note that we need to charge you a R8 payout fee to cover the costs of our bank charges. Please note that this charge is subject to change at any point.

  • Return Policy

    Version number: 1.0.2013

    If Customer wishes to return any Goods, please contact the Customer Relationship Department of first to let us know why you wish to return the Goods and obtain a Return Authorisation Number (RAN). Customer is obliged to return any Goods to if Customer exercises any right of cancellation.

    Right of cancellation

    Section 44 of the ECT ACT may be applicable to a Customer transaction. If you qualify as a consumer under the ECT Act, you may be entitled to cancel some electronic transactions within seven days after the date of the receipt of the goods, without reason or penalty. This is known as the “cooling-off period”. Section 44 is only applicable if Customer is a natural person. Customer must also be the end user of the Goods or Services. The transaction must be an electronic transaction – a transaction concluded via (in whole or in part) the web site, email, or SMS.

    When Right of cancellation does not apply

    In addition, the right of cancellation does not apply to the electronic transactions set out in Section 42(2). Section 44 does not apply to an electronic transaction for the supply of foodstuffs, beverages or other goods intended for everyday consumption supplied to the home, residence or workplace of the consumer; or where the goods are made to the consumer's specifications; are clearly personalised; by reason of their nature cannot be returned; or are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

    Return of goods

    Customer must return Goods in new condition with all packaging and materials. will refund the purchase price of the Goods (minus the direct costs of returning the Goods as stated in Section 44 of the ECT ACT) in a manner determined by, within 30 days of the date of cancellation.

    Refund and Return Policy
    The provision of goods and services is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability, the provider will refund the client in full. Cancellation of orders by the client will attract a 10% charge for administration costs.

    The Provider reserves the right to cancel an order for which payment has already been received.  This may occur if stock is insufficient or the quality of goods ordered does not meet the Provider’s standards.  Should the Provider exercise this right, the User will receive a full refund with no deductions.

    Products returns will not be accepted unless the incorrect product has been supplied by the Seller or the product is damaged or faulty. If the wrong product has been supplied, or if the product is faulty or damaged, the Seller will exchange it on condition that the customer returns the products within seven days of receipt. In such an instance, the Seller will make a reasonable effort to exchange the product upon receipt of the returned products, but if replacement is not possible, Utique will refund the purchase price including delivery cost upon receipt of the returned products.

    Any complaints regarding the standard and quality of the product or products bought by consumers through the e-commerce facility should be directed to

    "Seller" means a person, firm, company or entity who offers for sale, or sells goods or services on this Site

    "Agreement" means these terms and conditions, the bobPay User Agreement, the Billing Statement, the Rating Systems Rules, the Listing Policy, the Verified User Agreement, the Privacy Statement, the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, the SMS Terms & Conditions, the Mobile Device Terms & Conditions, the Stores Terms & Conditions, the bobBucks Terms & Conditions and the Buyer Protection Programme Terms & Conditions (the "Annexures");

    "bidorbuy Guidelines" means the guidelines issued by bidorbuy from time to time governing the offering for sale and sale of, and the offering to purchase and purchase of, goods and services on this Site;

    "Buyer" means a person, firm or company who makes a bid for, and/or purchases, any goods or services offered for sale on this Site


 "Fees" means any charges which bidorbuy charge as per the Billing Statement;

"we", "us", "our", "ourselves" and "bidorbuy" are used interchangeably in this Agreement and all mean bidorbuy;

"you" or "your" means you, whether as a Buyer and/or you as a Seller, as the case requires, or otherwise, and your successors and permitted assigns;


4.1 Subject to this Clause 4 and Clause 9, you may post the goods and services that you wish to offer for sale on the Site.

4.2 You agree that we or our nominated agent may undertake any necessary credit checks on you and/or your credit card where applicable.

4.3 In addition to any other rights we may have under this Agreement, if you fail to comply with Clause 4.2, we may prevent you from participating in any auction on this Site, or using the Services.

4.4 If you do so, you agree and warrant to the Buyer of those goods and services and separately to us that:

4.4.1 your information: is accurate and not false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent; does not breach any Intellectual Property Rights of a third party; is made in compliance with all applicable laws, government regulations or guidelines; is not forged, threatening or offensive or otherwise constitutes harassment; does not contain confidential information or trade secrets of a third party unless you have obtained the consent of the third party owner; does not contain any viruses, worms, trojan horses or other invidious programs or data, whether attached to or embedded in other programs or data or not; will not defame (libel or slander) another person or transmit misleading or inaccurate information of any kind, whether of a personal or commercial nature; and does not contain child pornography, bestiality or any other obscene or offensive material;

4.4.2 you are the legal owner of the goods and services you are offering for sale on this Site and you have the legal capacity to conclude the sale and to pass the title in the goods and services to the successful Buyer;

4.4.3 you will not hyperlink to or include descriptions of goods and services that you are not offering for sale on this Site;

4.4.4 if a Buyer who is a dealer in terms of the Second Hand Goods Act makes a request for the information necessary to complete his register, you agree that the said information will not be unnecessarily withheld;

4.4.5 you will adhere to the Listing Policy.

4.5 You represent and warrant to us and to the Buyer separately that your information will be kept up to date and that you will edit your account/profile and any other information accordingly. These changes may be effected as described in clause 16.15.

4.6 In addition to Clause 4.4 and Clause 4.5, you represent and warrant to us and separately to the successful Buyer that:

4.6.1 the goods and services you offer for sale and sell, on this Site: are reasonably fit for the purpose or purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly bought as it is reasonable to expect having regard to matters including, without limitation, the description of those goods and their price; and correspond with the description that you have posted on this Site; and if sold in bulk, will correspond with any samples; and are not defective; and are free of any charge or encumbrance such that the Buyer will be able to enjoy quiet possession of those goods;

4.6.2 the services you offer for sale, and sell, on this Site: will be rendered with due care and skill; and any materials supplied in connection with any services will be reasonably fit for the purpose for which they have been supplied; and if the Buyer has made it known to you the particular purpose for which the services are required or the result the Buyer wishes any services to achieve, then those services and any materials supplied in connection with those services will be reasonably fit for that purpose or are of such nature and quality that they might be reasonably expected to achieve that result;

4.6.3 the goods and/or services you offer for sale, and sell on this Site: will be offered for sale, and sold, in compliance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa and especially that of the Consumer Protection Act that became effective 1 April 2011; are legally able to be offered for sale, and sold on this Site, and otherwise, that the offer and sale of those goods and services is not in contravention of any law.

4.7 The Seller may set a reserve price, or minimum price for the goods and services, but that reserve price or minimum price, as the case may be, must not be set out in the information provided about the goods or services to which that reserve price or minimum price, whichever is applicable, applies, or otherwise disclosed to any person at any time.

4.8 In the information provided about the goods or services the Seller offers for sale, or sells on this Site, the Seller must set out the terms and conditions for sale of those goods or services, including the following:

4.8.1 whether the auction is a Standard Auction, Credit Card Guaranteed Auction, or Buy Now Item, or a combination of any of the preceding auctions;

4.8.2 as applicable, the minimum bid increments;

4.8.3 in the case of a Buy Now Item, a Buy Now Price,

4.8.4 date and time of opening, and closing, of the auction;

4.8.5 payment terms;

4.8.6 terms of delivery;

4.8.7 returns policy;

4.8.8 taxes, duties and costs (including, without limitation, VAT, or other consumption taxes, customs and other import duties and tariffs) payable by the Buyer; and

4.8.9 unless stated to the contrary, any value will be construed to refer to South African Rands;

4.8.10 that both buy now and auction selling prices will be considered to include VAT;

and the Seller agrees that such terms and conditions will include any matters prescribed by us under this Agreement including the matters set out in Clauses 10.2.2, 10.2.4, and 10.4, as well as any matter specified in the bidorbuy Guidelines.

4.9 If you are a bobPay approved Seller there is a flat payment-processing fee of 5% payable on all payments conducted through bobPay Credit Card. This fee is over and above the standard Success Fees charged by bidorbuy and will be deducted directly from the amount collected from the Buyer on behalf of the Seller. Currently there are no fees charged for payments made through bobPay EFT.

4.10 If you are a bobPay approved Seller and you receive payments through the bobPay Service, you are not protected against a subsequent reversal of the transaction. In the event that the sender's transaction is reversed for any reason you will owe bidorbuy for the amount of the reversed transaction plus any fees imposed on bidorbuy as a result of the reversal.


3.1 Registering, bidding on, buying and creating items on this Site do not attract a fee.

3.2 Selling on bidorbuy will incur Success Fee charges to your bidorbuy Account. It is a condition of using the Services that you agree to this and the fee structure, billing and credit rules as described in the Billing Statement. If you do not agree to this condition, then please do not accept these terms and conditions.

3.3 We may choose in our sole discretion to change our fee structure, billing and credit rules from time to time and such changes shall be effective forthwith.

3.4 We may choose in our sole discretion to change our fee structure, billing and credit rules from time to time, for promotional events and such changes are effective for the dates specified when we post such a promotion on this Site.

3.5 We reserve the right in our sole discretion to alter or remove any Services or withdraw any Services offered. In the event that we introduce a new Service, any fees for that Service will take effect from the launch of that Service, unless otherwise stated.

3.6 Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in South African Rands and are inclusive of VAT.

3.7 Users are given the right to sell items on this Site by paying the relevant fees. This does not involve purchasing the rights to the actual web pages, which remain the property of bidorbuy; we reserve the right in our sole discretion to place third party advertisements on the pages without your consent or payment to you.

3.8 bidorbuy reserves the right to charge a R500 administration fee to re-activate restricted, disabled or blacklisted accounts.

Ratings, Comments and Feedback

7.1. It is a condition of using the Services that you agree that feedback, comments and ratings scores may be provided about you as described in the Rating System Rules. If you do not agree to this condition, then please do not accept these terms and conditions.

7.2. Ratings that are given to each other by users should be done as is set out in the Rating System Rules section of this Agreement.

7.3. If you believe a statement made about you pursuant to Clause 7.1 is untrue, misleading or deceptive or defamatory (" Questionable Statement "), please contact our customer service department and we will conduct an investigation. As a result of an investigation, we may (although we are not obliged to) remove the Questionable Statement. Whether or not we conduct an investigation, and irrespective of whether we remove the Questionable Statement, and even if we do not conduct an investigation, because you do not contact us or for any other reason, you hereby release us and forego any rights you may have had against us in relation to the Questionable Statement or any statement made about you pursuant to the Rating System Rules and agree that you will not make any claims or demands, or take any action, issue or maintain any proceedings or suits against us in relation to the Questionable Statement or any statement made about you pursuant to the Rating Systems Rules or otherwise, in connection with this Site, or your use of this Site.

7.4 The decision to hold an inquiry or not is entirely within our discretion and we will not be obliged in any way to entertain any representations in this regard.

bidorbuy Discretion

9.1 We reserve the right in our sole discretion to alter or remove any information or withdraw any goods or services offered for sale by you, or a bid placed by you, if:

9.1.1 that information and/or those goods or services, as applicable; infringe or is suspected of infringing the Intellectual Property Rights of any person (other than the Seller in question); or may create any liability for us whatsoever;

9.1.2 in relation to the goods and services set out in Clause 4.6, if we are not entirely satisfied that you are legally permitted to offer for sale or sell, those goods and/or services;

9.1.3 you have not complied with Clause 3.2 or Clause 4.2;

9.1.4 in relation to a bid, we reasonably believe that bid is not a legitimate, or commercially realistic bid for the goods and/or services;

9.1.5 it is otherwise in our commercial interests to do so;

9.1.6 we are required by law to do so;

9.1.7 you breach any provision of this Agreement; or

9.1.8 for any other reason whatsoever,

and you irrevocably and unconditionally agree that any rights that you may have had against us in respect of any action we may have taken under this Clause 9, are hereby waived.


10 Completion of Sale and Purchase of Goods or Services

10.1 We will notify the Seller and the successful Buyer of the successful sale (if any) of any goods or services by automated email when an auction closes.

10.2 Following receipt of the Confirmation Notice the Seller and the successful Buyer will be solely responsible for the following matters, including, but not limited to:

10.2.1 implementation of the sale and purchase of the goods or services, including reaching agreement on when risk in relation to the goods or services is passed onto the Buyer, and when title in the goods or services will be delivered to the Buyer;

10.2.2 ensuring they comply with the laws applicable in the jurisdiction in which the Buyer and Seller are located, with respect to completion of the sale and purchase of the goods and services (including without limitation, any formalities required to be undertaken in relation to that sale and purchase as well as the formalities required in terms of the Second Hand Goods Act) and, if the Buyer and Seller are from different jurisdictions, then the governing law of any resultant contract or agreement between the Buyer and Seller will be Gauteng, the Republic of South Africa;

10.2.3 arranging for payment of the goods or services;

10.2.4 arranging any insurance (if any) in respect of the goods or services;

10.2.5 as applicable, agreeing a date for delivery of the goods or services; and

10.2.6 payment of all applicable taxes, duties and costs (including, without limitation, VAT or other consumption taxes and customs and other import duties and tariffs) incurred in connection with the sale and purchase of the goods and services.

10.3 Each Buyer agrees that we, or our nominated agent, may undertake any necessary credit checks on that Buyer's credit card and authorise us to provide those credit card details to the Seller in the relevant Confirmation Notice where such information was required and specified by the Seller under Clause 4.8.

10.4 We have no involvement in the sale and purchase of any goods and services other than providing a venue for an auction and as described in Clauses 10.1 and 10.3 so we will never accept returns of any goods and services purchased on this Site as we are not the Seller. You must therefore direct all enquiries, of whatever nature, including, but not limited to, goods and services being of a defective nature, not fit for a particular purpose, or non-delivery of any goods and services, to the Seller, at whose sole discretion, the goods or services may be replaced or the price refunded.

10.5 Property Auctions - The successful conclusion of a Property auction is subject to the signed acceptance (signed contract) of the offer (final winning bid amount) by the seller or their duly authorised representative.

Compliance with These Terms and Conditions

12.1 You agree to promptly inform us of any breach by you of the terms of this Agreement and of any conduct of another user that you think may be a breach of this Agreement, whether the conduct has ceased, is continuing, or may occur in the future.

12.2 You agree that we may and will monitor your conduct if we believe that you are not complying with the terms of this Agreement. If we do, then we will respect your confidentiality, unless:

12.2.1 doing so would or could implicate us in criminal behaviour, a civil wrong, or any other claim by a person for which we may have to pay compensation;

12.2.2 the law compels, requires, or makes it prudent and desirable for us to divulge or disclose the information we hold or know or any documents we possess; or

12.2.3 we consider it necessary or desirable to make disclosures to preserve or enforce our interests or rights.

12.3 If we believe, whether or not we have conducted any monitoring, that you are not, or may be in danger of not, complying with any of the provisions of this Agreement, then we may send you a warning asking you to rectify your conduct (although we will not be obliged to do so).

12.4 If you:

12.4.1 infringe or are suspected of infringing the Intellectual Property Rights of any other person;

12.4.2 are suspected of having, or are found by conviction, settlement insurance or escrow investigation or otherwise, to have engaged in any fraudulent or other criminal activity in connection with this Site or any other web site; or

12.4.3 have an over due payment on your bidorbuy Account; or

12.4.4 otherwise breach this Agreement, we may, in our absolute discretion: withhold from you, your use of any or all of the Services; delete or remove, without incurring any liability to you, any or all of your information and block in-coming and out-going data or message transfers; restore the Services if and when you can demonstrate clear and complete adherence to the terms of this Agreement on a permanent and consistent basis; and terminate the Agreement that we have entered into with you, and cancel our obligations to provide the Services, if we are not satisfied that you will clearly and completely adhere to the terms of this Agreement, on a permanent and consistent basis, if the Services are restored to you.


13 Use of Site

13.1 In using this Site, you must not:

13.1.1 illegally copy, store, use, alter, modify, impair, interfere with or attempt to interfere with, or distribute software or other data;

13.1.2 alter, damage, destroy, erase, interfere with or attempt to interfere with, or infect our files, data and other computer systems and network resources or those of other users or any other person, or access, copy, modify, remove or impair the reliability, security or operation of, any data or files or other information stored in these systems or network resources;

13.1.3 impair the electronic communications to or from, or interfere with or obstruct the lawful use of, or otherwise cause any unauthorised computer functions to our computer systems or those of other users or any other person;

13.1.4 offer, sell, export, bid for, or import any Prohibited Goods and Services;

13.1.5 offer, sell, export, bid for, or import any goods and services if this breaches any law applicable to you; and

13.1.6 engage in any practice or conduct that is unlawful under any laws applicable to you;

13.1.7 copy, modify, or distribute rights or content from our sites, services or tools or bidorbuy's copyrights and trademarks;

13.1.8 harvest or otherwise collect information about users (including email addresses), trades listed or sales activities conducted on bidorbuy without the express permission of bidorbuy;

13.2 Any links or references (direct or indirect) to other web sites on this Site are provided for your convenience only and do not, and are not an express or implied endorsement by us, of those web sites, or the products and services contained on those web sites.

13.3 The information and material contained on this Site has been prepared in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa for use in the Republic of South Africa only. It may not comply with the laws of any other country. We make no representation that the information and material contained on this Site complies with the laws (including any intellectual property laws) of any country other than the Republic of South Africa. If you choose to access this Site from outside the Republic of South Africa, you do so at your own risk and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws of the country in which you are located.

13.4 Using information about other bidorbuy users -

13.4.1 You agree to use user information only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (including, without limitation, The Protection of Personal Information Act and other data protection laws) and only for:

• bidorbuy-transaction-related purposes that are not unsolicited commercial communications;

• using services offered through bidorbuy; and

• other purposes a user expressly agrees to.

13.4.2 You agree to respect other users' privacy and disclose your privacy and security policies to them. By law, you must give other users a chance to remove themselves from your database and a chance to review the information you have collected about them.

13.5 You agree to the Affiliate Terms and Conditions -

13.5.1 You will not mislead others.

13.5.2 You will not engage in spamming, indiscriminate advertising, unsolicited commercial email, cyber squatting or typo squatting.

13.5.3 You will not operate or utilise a web site or email link to web sites that contain or promote any of the following types of content: libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, illegal, cracking, hacking or warez, or that offer any illegal goods or services, or link to a web site(s) that do so.

13.5.4 A user may only have one bidorbuy account. If a user you refer provides any fictitious information or opens more than one bidorbuy account, you will not be compensated for this user and should you be suspected of abusing the programme your affiliate status will be revoked without payment of any outstanding funds. The affiliate may not create accounts or referrals for the purpose of earning more referral fees.

13.5.5 You will not place any referral links on any pages of the bidorbuy web site.

13.5.6 You will not directly or indirectly offer any incentive to users that result in referral fees without written permission from bidorbuy.

13.5.7 You are required to be registered as a user on bidorbuy.

13.5.8 You are at least 18 years of age, have a valid South African identity number and a South African bank account.

13.5.9 Other than through the content provided by bidorbuy you may not use any of the bidorbuy company trademarks (or variations thereof) without written permission from bidorbuy.

13.5.10 As of 1st April 2010, third party advertising programmes such as Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Search may not be used as part of the bidorbuy Affiliate Programme. Failure to adhere to this will result in your Affiliate status being revoked without payment of any outstanding funds.

13.5.11 Unless the correct tracking link is used you will not be rewarded for your referrals. bidorbuy will not take any responsibility whatsoever for incorrect or broken links used by affiliates resulting in referrals not being tracked.

13.5.12 Only referrals captured by the bidorbuy Affiliate Programme will be rewarded. Any other disputed referrals, for any reason, will not be rewarded.

13.5.13 Compensation payable to affiliates will be calculated on the first day of the month for all transactions that took place in the previous month.

13.5.14 Payment will then be made within 30 days provided the total balance owed exceeds R250.00 (Two Hundred And Fifty Rand).

13.5.15 To receive payment affiliates may be required to provide an official invoice in accordance with the South African Revenue Services.

13.5.16 Affiliates will be compensated based on the reward scheme published on the bidorbuy web site, which may be adjusted from time to time at the discretion of bidorbuy.

13.5.17 bidorbuy reserves the right to withhold payment of affiliate rewards or to remove a user's ability to participate in the Affiliate Program should the users, referred to bidorbuy through the Affiliate Program, be of a low quality. Low quality users may include, but are not limited to the following:

a) Users that have a large number of negative ratings;

b) Users who are in a net negative rating state;

c) blacklisted, restricted or suspended users;

d) Users who bidorbuy in their sole discretion deem unsuitable or of low quality.

13.5.18 These Terms and Conditions may change without notice and will take effect immediately upon being posted on the bidorbuy web site.

13.5.19 bidorbuy may withdraw this Affiliate Programme provided a minimum of 30 days notice is given to participating affiliates.

13.5.20 Should you breach any of these Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason at the sole discretion of bidorbuy, your Affiliate status may be revoked without payment of any outstanding funds.

13.6 Notwithstanding, and in addition to any other provision of this Agreement, you agree to comply with any laws applicable to you when using this Site and the sale or purchases of goods or services that you undertake as a result of using this Site.

13.7 You agree not to harass, intimidate or threaten any of the bidorbuy staff or any users of the bidorbuy website in any way or form and failure to do so may, in bidorbuy's sole discretion, result in the cancellation or restriction of your bidorbuy account.

Entering into this Agreement

14.1 You represent and warrant to us:

14.1.1 if you are an individual that you are eighteen (18) years of age or over and of full legal capacity and thus capable of entering into this Agreement and performing your obligations under this Agreement; or

14.1.2 if you are a juristic entity: that you are duly incorporated and have been issued with a certificate of commencement of business and have the power to own/sell property; and entering into this Agreement does not violate your Constitution; and you have the power and have taken all corporate and other action required to enter into this Agreement and to authorise entering into this Agreement and performing your obligations under this Agreement.

14.2 Transactions in case of a minor

14.2.1 If you are under 18 years of age or if you are not legally permitted to enter into a binding and enforceable agreement, then you may not register as a user or make use of the services of bidorbuy, unless you are duly supervised by and you have obtained the consent of your parent or legal guardian or spouse.

14.2.2 If your parent or legal guardian supervises you and gives his/her consent, then such person hereby agrees to be bound and to be liable and responsible for you and for all your obligations or duties in terms of the agreement entered into between yourself and bidorbuy (Pty) Ltd.

14.2.3 We strictly reserve our rights to refuse our service, terminate/suspend your account or cancel orders, should bidorbuy, in our sole discretion find that you have failed for whatsoever reason to comply with the aforementioned provisions or the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions, without prejudice to any other rights that we may have at law.

14.2.4 To the extent that you utilize our services, we shall deem it that you were / are supervised by and that you have obtained the consent of your parent or legal guardian or curator or trustee. The onus to prove that you were not supervised or did obtain the requisite consent shall rest with you.